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Ricerca e articoli accademici sul preparato ImunoBran MGN-3

Metastatic Hemangiopericytoma of the Skin Treated with Wide Local Excision and MGN-3 PEER REVIEWED


J Markus, A. Miller, M. Smith, I. Orengo

(edited by Chris Gutch PhD.)



Abstract: This case report describes an uncommon tumor treated with an unproven medication found by the patient during an Internet search. MGN-3 is an arabinoxylane derived from rice bran that has been enzymatically modified by an extract of the mushroom Hypbomycetes mycelicz. ln vivo murine studies have reported increased natural killer cell activity with MGN-3 supplementation. An in vitro investigation revealed increased tumor necrosis factor or and interferon-y production by peripheral blood lymphocytes treated with MGN-3. In addition, MGN-3 was found to enhance anti-CD95 antibody-induced apoptosis in a human leukemic cell line. This biologic response modifier has been studied in a limited number of patients With human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) disease or cancer, with improvement in natural killer cell function and disease activity over time. Further studies are needed, however, to ascertain the therapeutic benefits of this relatively novel compound.