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Modified Arabinoxylan from Rice Bran, MGN-3/Biobran, Sensitizes Metastatic Breast Cancer Cells to Paclitaxel In Vitro


Mamdooh Ghoneum, Nariman K. Badr El-Din, Doaa A. Ali and Mai Alaa El-Dein

(edited by Chris Gutch PhD.)



There is an increased interest in alternative treatments that reduce the toxicity of chemotherapy by lowering the drug concentration, whilst maintaining potency against cancer cells. Previous studies have demonstrated that arabinoxylan from rice bran, MGN-3/Biobran, sensitizes human breast cancer cells (BCC) to daunorubicin (DNR). In the present study, we further evaluated the ability of MGN-3 to sensitize cells to another chemotherapy agent, paclitaxel. Materials and Methods: Non-metastatic MCF-7 (human BCC) and metastatic 4T1 (murine BCC) cells were cultured with different concentrations of paclitaxel in the presence or absence of MGN-3 . Cell survival, DNA damage, and cell proliferation were examined. Results: MGN-3 increased the susceptibility of both types of cancer cells to paclitaxel by over 100-fold. Mechanistically, MGN-3 works synergistically with paclitaxel by causing DNA damage, enhancing apoptosis, and inhibiting cell proliferation in 4T1 cells. Conclusion: Our data demonstrate that MGN-3 is an effective chemosensitizer and may represent a novel adjuvant for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer.