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Biobran MGN-3: Effect of reducing side effects of chemotherapy in breast cancer patients


Masood AI, Sheikh R, Anwer RA

(edited by Chris Gutch PhD.)



Objective: The aim of study was to assess the effect of Biobran in reducing of chemotherapy induced side effects in terms of tiredness, anorexia, vomiting and hair loss and quality of life in terms of weight loss.

Setting: Radiotherapy Department, Nishtar Hospital  Multan.

Material and Methods: Fifty patients of breast cancer were enrolled randomly in two groups. Group—A patients were given 3 gram dose of Biobran MGN-3 per day one week before and one week after chemotherapy. Group-B patient were given chemotherapy alone. Total six cycles of chemotherapy were given. No multivitamin orfood supplements were given during this study.

Chemotherapy induced side effects (tiredness, anorexia, and vomiting, hair loss) were assessed by questionnaire to the patients before start of each cycle. Weight was checked before each cycle to assess weight gain or loss. White blood cells were checked by complete blood count just before and one week after chemotherapy.

Results: Between six months, 50 patients were enrolled in Radiotherapy Department, Nishtar Hospital Multan. There was asignificant reduction in tiredness and anorexia in group—A patients. 20 (80%) patients of group-A felt increase intheirdiet and notiredness without any appetizeror multivitamin. But group—B patients demanded for appetizer due to severe anorexia after chemotherapy except 3 (12%) patients who didn‘t use any appetizer or food supplement. In group-A, 15 (60%) patients didnt need any anti-emetic as compared to group-B all patient (100%) experienced severe nausea during and after chemotherapy. Group—A patients experienced less hairfall 7 (28%) patients as compared to other group which is 25 (100%) patients.

Conclusions: The study showed that, by helping to optimize the immune system, Biobran MGN-3 can not only help maximize treatment success, but also minimize treatment side effects and improve quality of life during treatment and in recovery.